WHO’S UGLY NOW?2022 - ongoing

Hi! You probably got here scanning the QR code behind your postcard. If you are not familiar with the project yet, read the text below and then write a quick e-mail HERE sharing your thoughts, notes or location of places you think are relevant to be documented.


- do you feel Rotterdam is undergoing a transformation and if yes, how?

- which are the areas or specific places where you mostly hang out and why?

- what do you consider as landmarks in Rotterdam?

- which words first come into your mind when you think of Rotterdam?

The material gathered through the survey will remain anonymous. 

Thank you for your contribution!

Who’s Ugly Now? is a research work by architectural photographer & filmmaker Riccardo De Vecchi and urban designer Martina Germanà.

The project is a dual exploration of Rotterdam's creative subculture on one side, and its latest architectural advancements on the other.
The photographic work aims to portray these two aspects of the city, using the power of visual communication to foster a critical obervation of our everyday surroundings. 

By doing so, the project seeks to challenge conventional urban development practices in the unique context of Rotterdam where novel and existing elements can harmonize, fostering inventive urban, social, and architectural strategies.

The ultimate objective is to present a thought-provoking and penetrating depiction of Rotterdam's contemporary circumstances within the realm of socially engaged architecture and urban design. This initiative seeks to challenge the status quo of city-making and delves into innovative models for the harmonious coexistence of the creative sphere and urban regeneration.


The project is currently in the funding application phase and is seeking partners for possible collaborations.

“It is never really about what is in the picture. Instead, it is an invitation for reinterpretation…what role does one play in it.”

Johannes Schwartz

         © Riccardo De Vecchi 2023