Personal work


men; object; landscape is an ongoing series that reflects over the combination of crowds and emptiness, use and contemplation, men and nature.

It is at first place inspired by the observation of touristic locations which attract masses of visitors for their beauty; where one seeks its own individual experience, but inevitably shares space with many.

The contrast between these two aspects creates a visible tension: each individual is aware of sharing the space and tends to find its own spot in it.

Sometimes this is more evident, sometimes less: at times the place suggests interaction, like in the case of Bagni di San Filippo, where the combination of natural pools and hot spring water (an ancient Roman bath) suggests for moments of interactions between the bathers, creating almost intimate invisible rooms for conversation;

In the case of the Gorges du Verdon, the scenario resemble to some sort of Luna Park attraction: a playful place - sharing experience where intimacy is completely forgotten, leaving space to casual  and quick interactions.

This image contrasts with Les Ocres, where each visitor follows a determined circular path and would probably rather enjoy the panorama alone.

The series wants to capture these scenarios as a puzzle of different moments composed into one picture. The beautiful aesthetic of each panorama contributes to create images resembling paintings, aiming to turn its visitors into fictional characters of unreal landscapes.

Taken from an external and unbiased point of view (the one of the photographer), each image should put the viewer into the condition of not recognizing  himself into the visitors, but rather focus over the different behaviors informed by the surroundings where the image is taken. Only after, one could realize that the photographer would be himself another visitor in a broader picture.


© Riccardo De Vecchi 2022