Furniture for humans and birds

Studio Ossidiana

"Furniture for humans and birds" is a project by Studio Ossidiana, an architecture, design and research practice led by Alessandra Covini and Giovanni Bellotti.  Photos by Riccardo de Vecchi ⋆ «In the past year of lockdown, Alessandra and I found ourselves working from our studio in Rotterdam, without our team, with the only company of our parrot Coco, a two years old Amazona Oratrix from Rijswijk. We had more time than ever to spend with him, and he enjoyed flying freely in the studio during work hours, perching on our chairs, mischievously playing with project models - probably picturing himself as a feathered dinosaur, attacking miniature buildings while we were distracted. ⋆ Using profiles of Douglas Fir and left over plywood boards, we built hybrids between perches and benches, chairs and bird feeders. All are variations on traditional Windsor furniture, playing on the style’s adaptability and simple detailing, rethought in order to accommodate a Parrot, along with his Human companion. ⋆ Over time, we made: A Throne for Humans and Birds, part perch, part chair, part bird, to accommodate a parrot on its tallest “branches”, hosting his featherless companion below; A Bench for humans and Birds, with space for play, and bowls for food and water; A Perched Chair, for birds and humans to sit and perch, shoulder to shoulder. ⋆ As design commissions slowed their pace during the lockdown, while interviews and online workshops became more frequent, pictures of the furniture were included in publications about our studio, often starring Coco, who, unaware of his minor-celebrity status, continues to bite his way through our work.» (via

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