Red Devils
Almere, NL

DOK Architecten

“Many times I passed the area: by train, by car...three red big buildings with that weird shape, that reminds me of some sort of airplane. Every time I could not help but think that I should have made some pictures. But then, for a long time, I did not pass by that area and I forgot. Still, sometimes I would think and ask myself again, where those red buildings were located: I hoped to pass by once more maybe, and this time with the camera in my backpack.
One day, while I am driving up north, I see them again. Three big red buildings, one next to the other; their color so strong against the green of the flat Dutch landscape. I quit the highway and I park. I walk around the area for some time and I take a lot of pictures. So weird and beautiful! It's the Netherlands.”


© Riccardo De Vecchi 2021