Casa Paisagem
Montemor-o-Novo, PT


(Cristina Gallizioli / Marco Ferrari)

Documentation and visual language:
Riccardo De Vecchi

Project exhibitied at Atelier Concorde in Lisbon, 
during the 2022 edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennial. 

"Casa Paisagem is a project about inhabiting open space, to see landscape as an open house and establish a sense of place and intimacy within a public territory.

Inhabiting is often linked to an interior space, disconnected from the environment and protected from it. Architecture becomes a tool for marking the earth, separating inside from outside, safe from unpredictable, but can we think about alternative visions joining domesticity with openness? Is it time to start intimate relationships with landscape, considering it a place of life? How to inhabit landscape?

Casa Paisagem is a project by artist duo Cristina Gallizioli and Marco Ferrari, it consists in an inhabiting performance of one month in the public landscape of Alentejo. The duo researched these ideas by inhabiting three areas in the public landscape of Montemor-o-Novo, living there for a month in September/October 2021.

The idea was to sense the specific morphology of the three lands, and understand the way to inhabit there without building. Rather than walls, floors, roofs, the domestic space was defined by experiencing the characteristics of the territories, such as inclinations, type of soil, vegetation, light cycles, permeabilities and connections. We argue that, despite the lack of construction, landscape can be felt as an architectural space.

We took some essential furniture with us, and distributed it site-specifically in the chosen areas as if the folds of the ground and the trees defined the rooms. We considered furniture as mobile extensions of ourselves rather than as fixed components of space, to create a mediation between our bodies and the landscape with something external, usable, and our size. The furniture actually allowed us to use the space as a house, cooking, taking showers, inviting guests for dinner, sleeping, studying and working, but keeping the house permeable so that it could be crossed anywhere, open for visits and multi-species encounters.

Inhabiting landscape was an intimate experience, but at the same time was open to Montemor community: we installed our landscape houses within walking distance from the centre of Montemor, so that we could receive visits, host, have neighbours and participate in the city life. We communicated the invitation to the public through the street gallery BreveMente by Oficinas do Convento, a small gallery on the town’s main road.

The project production was supported by Nctm grant for arts (2020) and developed through an artist residency at Oficinas do Convento in Montemor-o-Novo (2020/2021). "

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