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Dammer, NAi, Rotterdam, 2021
The Others, Turin, 2019
Rotterdam Photo, Rotterdam, 2019
Rotterdam Photo, Rotterdam, 2018
Chrysalid Gallery, Rotterdam, 2018

Riccardo De Vecchi is a photographer with an architectural background based in Rotterdam, NL.

After obtaining a Master in Architecture at the Technical University of Delft (NL) in 2015, he focused on developing a multi-disciplinary approach towards design and visual communication based on the mutual relation between the two practices.

His photographic work is based on a deep understanding of the object / process / project to be rapresented. As a result, each work has a specific outcome rather than a fixed style repeated in time.

This way of working represents the desire to explore and to keep pushing the personal boundaries expressed through photography, a desire driven by a genuine curiosity towards this medium and towards every new discovery unveiled by the process of representation.  

He currently works as an independent photographer, collaborating with architecture and design firms, artists and public institutions as well as pursuing his personal projects. 


“In my practice, the natural element plays a crutial role in framing and enstablishing a dialogue between object / context every time it is present.

Coming from the region of the Dolomites, in Italy, landscape has defined my life experience since the very beginning.

When I moved to Belgium first, and Netherlands then, this relation did not change, but rather grew and intensified: being the dutch landscape a very defined and constructed environment, it pushed me to look and observe even harder.

I have spent days and days photographing vegetation in every park and almost every main area of the Netherlands and most of Belgium, looking for subtle changes, minimal variations, beautiful anomalies.

Such care for these studies reflects in my work: nature is not just used as a framing context, but rather a defining element in the rapresentation of the photographed object / project. And every time there is the possibility, nature itself becomes my subject”.

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