Atlas Van Verbeelding

Commisioned by
Gemeente Meierijstad

In collaboration with
Office CCXD
The Exercises
Raad Van Verbeelding


In 2017 three municipalities – Schijndel, Sint-Oedenrode, and Veghel consisting of thirteen villages where merged into the new city of Meierijstad. It is located in Brabant near the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area.⁣

In order to discover the identity of this new city, a Board of Imagination was initiated under the chairmanship of architect and former Bouwmeester Architect Floris Alkemade. This council – consisting of people with a strong bond with the municipality – has devised scenarios for the future. Led by Office CCXD | Cédric Van Parys these scenarios have been imagined, visualized and assembled into an Atlas of Imagination.⁣

For this project, the landscape was photographically deconstructed, and documented into a series of directives for the future. Through the eyes of photographer Riccardo de Vecchi, with the imagination of artist Cédric van Parys and designed by graphic designer Lu Liang, you look at vast landscapes, agriculture, industry, logistics, entrepreneurship and, innovation. But just a little different than usual.⁣

Word and image each go their own way in this Atlas in which the photography is used as a conceptual, imaginative, and connecting element to create multiple storylines. Office CCXD applies two strategies. Images are juxtaposed as diptychs and triptychs and collages of superimposed images are created to simulate realistic, but also radical, comical, horrific, and critical future scenarios. The result is a special publication with captivating images and compelling stories. This atlas maps a new world, not as a blueprint for the future, but as a source of inspiration.⁣

         © Riccardo De Vecchi 2023